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Immediately Resign (Providing reason)

Thu, 22 Mar 2012 08:25:36 PM  (Last updated: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 06:51:18 PM)



I'm told that we're usually need to give one month notice or pay one month salary if leave immediately, but I consulted with the head of HQ about this. She replies *usually* refers the same old style according to the labor law. But in exceptional reason and with a General Manager's signature to approval the reason and wtihout need to pay back to the company.

My question is:

1) My outlet have been misconducting and gross misconduct in illegally take extra cash out for stock loss and other reasons. The result for this are vary yes?

2) My General Manager did not post this matter in public because it's her outlet before she became GM and did not want this matter to loosen out and conducted a meeting that  made my staffs against me in an unreasonable way. It's unfair but my GM used this chance to attack me in a phone conversation when I decided to leave immediately, using my past and use religious talk to suppressed me, question is, do i have the right to state a good reason of leaving because gross misconduct and unreasonable personal attack from a superior?

3) GM tells me to respect the policy where there's an alternative way is to have the GM approve my termination, GM chosen not to approve main reason is not to screw her image but made me took the ultimate price for her sake. Question is, if I stated this to the Head of HQ and ask for a reasonable way to settle this than allow my GM suppressed me in unfair way?

4) My 4th question is, will I have the rights to state a good reason for leaving the company due to an unclean gross misconduct and the unfair treatment of suppressing from the GM?

5) The situation had became viciously unfair for me and the ones who steal the cash was my team, should I apply for the Boss to overlook the matter or should I just leave after I get the monthly payment?


Please reply as soon as possible, though I have chosen my decision but I need a 3rd party to see this more fairly and justly. Thanks.

KL Siew
Fri, 23 Mar 2012 06:51:18 PM

If it is one month ntice just give one month notice and leave. Dont bother about other things.

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