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Notice & EPF during Probation

Eng sian sian
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 09:33:21 PM

My previous company refuse to pay me salary and want to claim compensation from me. He issues a letter said that I was failure to serve full notice of employment termination under Employment Act 1995 S12(2)(a). But my superior was orally agreed with me that I can resign within 24 hours, and my offer letter does not stated any notice require when during probation. So am I right? What is the notice require during probation, if contract mention nothings?

And during probation he was not contribute EPF & Socso, my offer letter only stated that company shall make similar contribution after my confirmation. Is any laws require employer to contribute EPF although part-time staff? Any difference treatment for confirm staff and probation staff? Is they enjoy the same staff benefit? 

Kindly advice. Thanks for help!

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