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Resignation with but pay did not include annual leave offset

Tue, 10 Dec 2013 05:00:07 PM

Hi ,

I has been work for 4 years 2 months, recently I tender at 31st October 2013, and I need to serve 3 months notice.

Before including my annual leave I assume that my last days is 31st January 2014, just now HR has pass me the confirmation letter that including my annual leave entitlement for 2014 Jan, my last day shall be 24 January 2014.

But the problem is HR manager said that my last pay will only compute up to my last working day which is 24th January 2014. I think this is unfair for me, because for me I think that annual leave is an entitlement and shall be include in the pay.

I try to reason with my HR manager but he keep on repeating that it is not our company common practice to include the off set annual leave into the pay. Deep down my heart I strongly disargee what he said, but I am not sure that what I think is correct, so I hold my words.

I need all the opinion that I can get , do you think what I think is correct or HR manager is right ? Should I fight till the end ?

Appreciate your kind advise,



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