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Termination & No salary & Withholding passport & Blackmailing & Visa cancellation

Sun, 31 Jul 2016 02:47:14 AM  (Last updated: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 12:20:12 PM)


My case is a very long story, to keep it short I have been unfairly terminated. I cased a file with the IR but the first meeting is in a few days.

They wanted to cancel my visa directly, or I had to sign a paper that I will leave on a specific date which was 29-07-2016. After submitting my and my families passports they gave me a paper to sign that I still need to pay some fees and also rm 1000 visa cancelation fee for 5 passports which they only told me after they took the passports. After I saw they want to force me to sign for something I don't have to pay I demanded them to give the passports back, they refused. They told me that they can only help if I sign the paper and agree to pay that money which I refused. I asked them why do I have to pay RM 1000 for cancelations they told me that are my costs I have to pay for it. They haven't told me anything about cancelation fees before neither have they got standard fees for all staff members. I went to the police and made a report about all these things. The police officer asked me what will I do with the report, I told him I don't really know, I will at least use them in the meeting with IR. I did get my passports back, but I am afraid they will blacklist me in the immigration on Monday. 

My questions are:

1- What else can I do with it?

2- Are they allowed to charge me cancelation fees, even when there is no rule in the company about it, they just made it up for my case.

3- Do they have the right to blacklist me in immigration for any reason?

4- Can I cancel the visa myself

5- Can I sue them for blackmailing with IR, if not where can I sue them, and will it benefit me in any way.

6- Can I ask for financial and emotional distress compensation, and how or who is deciding how much it is?

Sorry for the long question and story.

I hope somebody can answer the questions or some of them soon.



KL Siew
Sun, 31 Jul 2016 12:20:12 PM

Since the matter is coming in the IRD office, that's the time to thrash out all the questions when the parties are present during the meeting. If you want to sue, you may have to get a lawyer to do it.

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