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Termination during Probation and more

Ares Lim
Wed, 14 Sep 2016 12:17:42 PM  (Last updated: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 04:58:39 PM)


I am recently been terminated by my company. So I have a few question to ask. I am a sales staff.

1) I was offered basic 2700 and allowance RM 500 to start, but one day before signing of letter of offer, i was told that the allowance is only applicable when i am a confirmed staff. I still signed the letter offer, but is this right? i mean i was told to have the allowance even during probation.

2) I was terminated before my probation ends. I started working on 11th of July, should my probation is 2 months, (is this right? 2 months only) but they just terminated me due to my performance and attitude on 30th of August. I was sick on 30th August, but they called me up to office to sign the letter of termination. After i signed, they offer me another offer as sales, but without basic, which i still can sell their product and enjoy commission. Hence, if u say im not performing, why offer me this?

3)  After nearly 2 weeks, my last payment is still not out yet, and i sak for the reason. The reason given was (i wont know if i dont ask) i need to go to the office to sign a 'salary slip' before they will pay. (a line *Cash/Cheque paid on 04-09-2016) is stated on it. Can i say that they are late? 

4) They cut off a portion of my salary because of the time on my punch card. Certain days, i might be forgetful or rushing for meetings, i did not punch my card punctually, Eg, (punch in - empty)(punch out at 1pm) they just cut the whole day of salary off, but im in the office! I ask why, they say no prove.. but they saw me? And i did ask the HR to help fill in the time, but is neglected, so i have to bear the responsibility? 

Thanks if any one can help.

KL Siew
Wed, 14 Sep 2016 04:58:39 PM

As it is now, what you can do is to go to the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department and make a complaint there. You must go there in person.

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