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Resignation Not Accepted By Employer and Suspened after Resignation.

Mr. Singh  
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:15:19 AM  (Last updated: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:51:33 AM)

Dear Sir,

I need your advise.

I was a Manager in a company for nearly ten years. I resigned from this company on the 19th July 2008 by giving one months' notice according to my letter of appointment.

ON the 22nd july which is 3 days later, my boss came to see me and handed over a Suspension letter stating that i am being suspended due to some irregularities in the accounts which i do not know and aware of as the accounts are being audited every month by our accountant. I Was asked to leave the office at once.The suspension was withou pay.

Nearly two weeks later, a staff came to my house and handed me a letter asking me to attend a domestic inquiry. But i did NOT attend as far as i was concern, i have resigned.

later ,i called and e mailed my boss asking the status of my pending salary of that month(July) and the notice period (mid Aug) and i also have requested to offset with my ballance annual leave. The answer i got was that we do not have the records of your annual leave and please be reminded that you are still under suspension.

Till today as at 27th Aug there is still no news regarding my salary.

In one of the letter it was stated that i am not allowed to solict their business. Last year they did threathened me and forced me to sign an agreement that i CAN'T work in the same industry forever. But i did NOT signed.

(My salary is ore than RM 10k)

My question is: what can i do?

1) What is the legality of the suspension letter? Valid or not Valid?

2) What are the steps shall i do in order to recover my salary?

3)They have been spreading around saying that i have been suspended due to some mismanagement of funds, just to spoil my image.

4)Can they reject my resignation?

I would be waiting for your reply soon.

Thank You."

Mr Singh
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:51:33 AM


My reason to resign was that the company ows me a lot of my claims/allowances and some of my upfront money which i gave to expand the business, as requested by the company promising some shares(with black & white).

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