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Warning Letter and Termination of Contract

Fri, 05 Sep 2008 05:29:38 PM  (Last updated: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:28:41 PM)

Good Day Siew,

I would need your point of view on this matter.

if i need to terminate a confirm staff, what are the procedures that i need to follow to ensure that the staff has been given a fair treatment from the company? He has been talked to, advised accordingly, training given but yet he is not doing his job. He doesnt show up for work for one day and doesnt inform on his wherebouts.does the same act again in a week or two. since then, the company has issued him 2 warning letters due to his work performance and attendance. just this week, he pull the same stunt again and if the company were to issue him a 3rd warning letter, is it possible? what is the time frame that we must give him in between each warning letter or there isnt any?

can the termination be done once he receives the 3rd warning letter or must the company wait for the next round of mistakes to give him the termination letter?

hope to hear your point of view on this.

thank you.

KL Siew
Fri, 05 Sep 2008 07:22:30 PM

In fact your 3rd warning should serve as the final warning. You should have impressed upon him that he could be instantly dismissed or be required to face a domestic inquiry should he repeat the offence again. If he really does not heed the warning and repeats the offence, dismiss him and better still hold a domestic inquiry and mete out the appropriate punishment. No point keep on giving warnings.

Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:28:41 PM

what if we have done the domestic inquiry all these while but he just keeps silent?he knows that he will be sacked but all he could respond to us is that he has done his best. so now, if i really wanna sack him, how do i go about it? his work is a totally not complying to the dateline. can i give him a final warning and let him go off after that?

can i get assistance from labour office?


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