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AL/EL/MC During Malaysia Public Holiday

Wed, 04 Oct 2017 02:09:40 PM


I would like to ask about working during Malaysia Public Holiday (MY PH).

Background – Our company is an IT shared service center observing AUS PH based at Cyberjaya, with workers earning >RM2k and <RM5k. Our team observed AUS working hours as well. We are not working on all AUS PH but we are required to work on most of MY PH.

My question,

If we are working on MY PH such as Hari Raya or Deepavali, we will get the replacement leave.

Working on one MY PH --> Obtained one replacement leave. +1 Leave

However, if we were taking AL/EL/MC, we won’t get any replacement leave, in addition, we must apply the AL/EL/MC within our system, deducting our leave at the same time.

Not working on one MY PH due to AL/EL/MC --> Did not get any replacement leave, AND must deduct the AL/EL/MC allocation. –1 Leave, where the equation should be 0 instead (as we are not working).

Our mutual understanding is when one was not working, he/she must either

Did not submit the request for replacement leave OR
Using the allocated AL/EL/MC but obtaining the replacement leave at the same.

However, this is not enforced within the company.

In this case, can we get the replacement leave nevertheless? The HR clearly stated as we are not working on MY PH due to AL/EL/MC, we WON’T get any replacement leave AND MUST plot the leave accordingly (deducting from our annual allocation). 

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