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Verbal Agreement

Wed, 16 May 2018 12:51:00 AM  (Last updated: Wed, 16 May 2018 04:47:37 PM)

Back in October 2017, I was head hunted for a manager position. The position required me to start in Nov 2017. After few rounds of negotiations with the directors, I was offered a salary of

- RM8,000 nett(without EPF & SOCSO) for the month of Nov & Dec 2017

- RM12,000 (to start EPF & SOCSO) for the month of Jan,Feb and March 2018

- RM15,000(with EPF & SOCSO) for the month of April 2018 Onwards

On top of my salary, I will be given a 0.25% of company share by year end in the event I reach the KPI given to me for the year of 2018. I was assured that I will receive a contract/agreement for all the above offer. I kept pushing for the agreement month in/out. In early Feb 2018, I was promoted to be General Manager of the same company but a new package was given to me, again without any written contract/agreement. But the offer was a downturn; RM10,000 nett with a new set of KPI that I have to achieve by end of June 2018 and if achieve, I will be rewarded 0.5% company share. Knowing I have no choice since my foot is already in, I accepted the verbal offer, waiting for the agreement/contract. And finally after I kept pushing, i was given a 'CONTRACT of EMPLOYMENT' which I could see its pretty simply done. Basically a 2 page A4 contract which I'm not comfortable and confident on its validity. Its a back dated contract starting February 2018, with position as General Manager, KPI to achieve by June 2018 and the reward with an option to terminate me (1 week notice) if fail to deliver. It also has a 5 days working hour but no annual leave or sick leave or medical claims. A non disclosure of company trade secret and thats pretty much about it. My question is;

1) How strong is my case,  If I decide to quit now, possible for me to get back the difference of salary that was earlier promised?

KL Siew
Wed, 16 May 2018 04:47:37 PM

I think it will be better for you to consult a lawyer for legal opinion about what you intend to do.

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