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Salary calculation for worker above RM2k

Fri, 31 May 2019 11:01:27 AM


i am HR Manager from my company, we are healthcare centre which open from tue to sat, sun may open if we have patient/customers.

My marketing manager worked from 1/4-22/4 and during this period the sunday is closed (we have no patient during this period).

Question is: My calculation is correct for this worker? OR any better calculation?

My calculation: Salary/21days*15days (22nd i deducted due to not entitled offday)

But my concern is, if i use this calculation, can i change the days in May salary/23days*actual working days, Sept salary/20days? Is it legal if we(company) change the salary calculation monthly due to the day is different every month?

Because if i ask JTK they say its up to company, but my boss very scare kena compound so i need an advice.



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