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deduction of salary

Fri, 02 Mar 2007 08:53:57 AM  (Last updated: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 10:54:12 AM)

my company usually go to deduct an staff salary if

a) he damage the company tool . such like paip in factory let say considered cost RM 100, then the staff agreed( admit wrongly or neglect) damage the paip will be deducted salary.

b) if the staff neglect or careless or caused an accident (using company car). the cost of repairng will be deducted via the staff salary.

As I know, just certain situation that u mentioned here only can deduct staff's salary. The situation above any offend of the labour law or Malaysia law.

Thank you very much

KL Siew
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 10:54:12 AM

For deduction of salary please read Section 24 of the Employment Act. All deductions others than as provided in that Section are not in order.

You can complain to the Labour Office about it. Please note that the deduction must be from salary i.e. the pay-slip did show such deductions. If you pay the damages or whatever it is from your own pocket after receiving your salary, than Section 24 may not be very helpful.

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