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Domestic Servants


57. Termination of contract

Subject to any express provision to the contrary contained therein, a contract to employ and to serve as a domestic servant may be terminated either by the person employing the domestic servant or by the domestic servant giving the other party fourteen days' notice of his intention to terminate the contract, or by the paying of an indemnity equivalent to the wages which the domestic servant would have earned in fourteen days:

Provide that any such contract may be terminated by either party without notice and without the paying of an indemnity on the ground of conduct by the other party inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Reference: Under Part I of this Act, "domestic servant" is defined as follow:

“domestic servant” means a person employed in connection with the work of a private dwelling house and not in connection with any trade, business, or profession carried on by the employer in such dwelling - house and includes a cook, house servant, butler, child's nurse, valet, footman, gardener, washerman or washerwoman, watchman, groom and driver or cleaner of any vehicle licensed for private use;

Although "domestic servant" is included as an "employee" under the First Schedule, he or she is excluded from enjoying all the benefits under the Employment Act except for the 14 days' notice as mentioned in Section 57 above.