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Tags: epf

  • Internship should entitle EPF and SOCSO?

    ... I would like to ask, Company should pay EPF & SOCSO to internship...

  • Wrong EPF & Socso Contribution

    ... what should company do if found out that the EPF and Socso contribution for employees are paid...

  • Bonus Pay Without EPF Contribution

    ... would like to pay bonus to the employees witout paying EPF contribution.Is this employer doing the right way?If employees themselves are agree to get the full amount instead of to paying EPF contribution, is it a right way?Example:Employee A bonus will be RM 3500,...

  • EPF and Socso contribution

    ... this probation period is the new company required to pay EPF and Socso to new staff?Example: new staff first day working is 2nd June,... 1 month probation period, 1st July is start working day in EPF and Socso application form? or 2nd June?Thank...

  • salary+ OT+epf

    ... around.ok thats one part, the second part, is for epf, they cut from my basic 11%, and from the company 13%, am i right here?but...

  • Company shut down/bankrupt can get back EPF from KWSP

    ... Sir,My ex-company almost a year never pay for EPF, Socso, PCB and deduction for employee portion has deducted.Now the company shut down/bankrupt did we still can get back our EPF from KWSP? Cause there is a rules company must deducted from employee but...

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