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Tags: resigned

  • Medical claim calculation for resigned staff

    ... getting monthly basic salary RM2k above. Recently she resigned and her last working day is on early July.She has been confirmed as a...

  • Resigned staff & Notice period

    Hi admin, For resigning employee (at their own will), do employer has the right to void the required notice (without pay) for the resigning staff ? Can you ...

  • Resigned In 24 Hours

    ... like to ask:I got one worker tender his resigned letter at guard house without any inform to his superior, and the... to serve 1 week notice to resign.So, is this case consider resigned with short notice or absconded case?And what action should i...

  • Resigned - Salary not paid

    ... sir,I have recently resigned from a company which 31 May 2017 was my last day. My resignation...

  • Resigned 24 hour within 2 weeks notice in probation

    Hi, I want to know, can staff give notice 24 hours within 2 week notice during probation period? Do company will pay the salary on that?TQ....

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